Marvin Greene Narrative

Author’s Note: This is my narrative, that goes into a bit about who I am. Note that it is a work in progress that I will finish along the way.

Marvin Von Dyke Greene was born and raised in his beloved Baltimore, the great American city along the East Coast, one that exudes charm and grit and history and testimony. Marvin’s ancestral family roots go to the farming fields of historic Georgetown County, South Carolina.

Marvin grew up in the Windsor Hills section of Baltimore with his parents (yes both parents) and six siblings, proudly all born within 10 years of one another back in the day. Marvin is a graduate of the former Northwestern Senior High School in Baltimore, moving on to Towson State University, where he received a bachelor’s of science degree in mass communications, and then later to the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University for a master’s of science degree.

Marvin always has been a media maven, notably initially because of a love of English, Literature and Writing, and then getting the journalistic bug as a scion of Watergate and watcher of Woodward and Bernstein. Newspapers (sans social media) were the thing back then, and Marvin counts these among his greatest stops as a reporter and editor: Baltimore Sun, Louisville Courier-Journal, Worcester-Telegram & Gazette (and even the Arbutus (Md.) Times and Warwick (R.I.) Beacon).

February 12, 2017, To Be Continued. …